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This Forum. Management and Respect.

Guide lines and rules for the Arvor Boat Owners Community Forum

Our aim is to keep it simple, open and relevant. And let the rules be few.

1) .  All information and instructions given within this forum are to be used at your own risk. By following or using any of this forum information you give up the right to hold any poster, forum owner, moderator, adminstrator or any forum member, administrator or moderator liable for any damages.

You must verify all information or recommendations yourself as fit for purpose and suitable for your intended use or application.

2) . The forum is categorised by topics and groups.  Please post your questions or messages in the appropriate section.

3) . The posting of any copyright material on this forum web site is strictly prohibited.

4) .  The Forum Topics or Discussion section cannot be used as a personal or commercial advertising and promotion platform for alternative forums or business.
Businesses wishing to use the forum for promotions will need to make contact and advertise on the website where adverts are provided for.
Businesses that support the forum with adverts will also be able to broadcast special offers and information by submiting the information or offers to the forum administrators. It will then be assessed for approval and distributed by broadcast email to all members...


Advertising-Soliciting-Self Promotion

Your purpose in joining this forum for posting should not be to promote, advertise, or otherwise call attention to you/your OR an alternative site, blog, product, or business. CONTACT US HERE if you want to advertise on the Arvor Boat Owners Forum community website. We welcome advertising and businesses that finacially support the forum.

This forum does provide for advertising, website or product promotion, and for business deals and offers in a way that benefits and encourages this community. ENQUIRE HERE

The Forum has advertisers that support the Arvor Boat Owners Club and self promotion posting is not a fair or acceptable behaviour. Forum posts should be free of ads and promotions that benefit the poster. Legitimate recommendations from requests for help are permitted.


Your Application Process

This is a copy of the abreviated rules and process you be asked to read and follow in your application when requesting membership to join the club and forum. 



Any boat owner can register .. BUT to HELP us STOP a Boat Load of SPAM Applications, Please READ ON ... a verification email will be sent to the applicant address you entered. Complete this/your registration-verification email within 72 hours or your registration request will fail. Following your application, you must email us (include your user name) and tell us a little about why you are interested in joining the club or your application cannot be considered.
We can then process your application and welcome you aboard to the FORUM as a member.
*** If we DO NOT RECEIVE your followup "email of interest" your FULL MEMBERSHIP will NOT BE ACTIVATED *** so if you are interested in boats, help us, help you and please join the forum using this simple recommended process.
PS; Activation may take up to 72 hours after your email of interest is recieved.


This process has been very successful in helping to curtail a boat load of spam, under size fish and phony applications. 

Help out? ...

If you would like to become an Avor Boat Owners Forum moderator and help out, please CONTACT US HERE

and... Have a boat load of fun and enjoyment ... SAFELY ...

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